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Pet Health

  • Need help furthering your knowledge of pet health nutrition? Royal Canin USA provides research, answers to commonly asked nutrition questions, informative videos and even an interactive pet section that allows you to gain deep understanding of how nutrition can help with all aspects of pet health. Visit for more information on pet health nutrition.
  • Interested in learning more about veterinary medicine? Check out the American Veterinary Medical Association at


  • Veterinary Associates Animal Hospital: We offer hospital boarding for animals that need more care. For more information please call: (937) 372-9978 and ask us about our boarding.
  • Francis Kennels
  • Wags Inn

Pet Photography

  • Meghan Nicole Photography: .

    Meghan is a delightful person and is passionate about all animals—especially fur-kids. She is a charismatic photographer of humans and animals and has provided many pictures for our staff biography page. She was able to get amazing photographs of willing and unwilling dogs, cats, rabbits, people and a chicken! She personally rescues and fosters Pit Bulls in need. Her website is


  • Yellow Springs: Rick Donahoe – (937) 767-2918
  • Jamestown: Ralph Jones – (937) 675-3114
  • Enon: Chris Price – (937) 239-6933
  • Bellbrook: David Morgan- (937) 435-2461
  • Waynesville: David Beam – (937) 248-3127 or (937) 437-0336
  • Spring Valley: Gary Holland – (937) 416-1642 or (937) 376-9930

Dog Training

Pet Groomers