Reduce Flies On Your Horses and Property

How can you as the owner or manager of a horse farm or stable reduce the fly burden on your property? You know that flies can irritate horses and humans, sometimes to the point of endangering one or both. Horses stomp when flies land on their legs, potentially causing damage to their legs and feet. Flies can create sores on horses, they carry diseases, and they annoy not only you, but your neighbors. So what’s can you do? Here are some helpful tips to help you decrease the flies, thus decrease their negative impact on you, your horses and the people around your facility.

Manure Management
Flies live and reproduce in your horses’ manure, so you need to attack them where they start. Keeping stalls and runs clean is the first step. Spreading the manure is the best solution, breaking up and drying out the flies’ home will decrease their presence. Spreading is a science in itself, know how much manure you’ve got and don’t overspread on small acreages. A good rule of thumb for spreading is one horse’s manure for every five acres. Of course, you should check with your local agriculture extension agent for specifics in your area.

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