Lost a pet? We may be able to help

Here are some tips on what do to if you lost your pet.

  • Call your local animal control. Greene County Animal Control can be reached at (937)562-7400.
    • File a lost pet report
    • Find out where your pet will be taken if your pet is picked up by Animal Control (or other agencies)
  • Notify your veterinary clinic that your pet is missing
    • Make sure your veterinary clinic has up-to-date contact information for you
  • If your pet is microchipped notify the company that your pet is missing & make sure your contact information is up-to-date
  • Companies such as HomeAgain can assist you in finding your beloved pet
  • Call local animal clinics and provide them with a description of your pet and your contact information
  • Post notices throughout your surrounding neighborhood(s). Make sure to use a clear, up-to-date photo. (Don’t forget to take the notices down when your pet is found)
  • Search the Lost and Found ads on online resources and in your local newspaper
  • Call other local animal shelters
    • Butler County Animal Shelter: (513) 867-5727
    • Clark County Animal Shelter: (937) 399-2917
    • Darke County Animal Shelter: (937) 547-1645
    • Greene County Animal Shelter: (937) 562-7400
    • Humane Society of Greene County: (937) 376-3001
    • Fairborn County Animal Shelter: (937) 754-3073
    • Humane Society of Greater Dayton: (937) 268-7387
    • Miami County Animal Shelter: (937) 332-6919
    • Preble County Animal Shelter: (937) 456-4818
    • SICSA: (937) 294-6505
    • Humane Association of Warren County: (513) 695-1176
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